13 comments on “Literary Advocates Redefine Their World Without Books

  1. This is a great post, Alan! The faces of this time in literature are well spoken above. But a great question posed also: What would the world be like without books!? I agree that the oral culture would be stronger, but there would be no welcome escape.

    In my house, everywhere I turn there are stacks of books! My world would be much emptier!

  2. Of all the things thta depress me about the modern world, it’s the idea of a world without books that depresses me most.
    Lisa Hill. ANZ LitLovers

  3. I simply can not imagine a world with no books. I refuse to buy a Kindle or anything similar. The feel of a brand new book with crisp, unread pages is a wonderful feeling. We must teach our children the value of a good book. Support your local libraries and bookstores. The time and money spent will definitely be worth it!

    • hiwhere can i get your book? im in USA can’t find it on amazon or on ebay.Any boerktosos you can recommend.sorry for writing in English don’t have Russian fonts.thanks

      • Thanks for stopping through my blog. My book is available at a couple of places. You can find it on amazon by clicking here, you can order directly from me here (you’ll receive the book in three days!), or you can order from the publisher by clicking here. Thanks for your interest. I hope you’ll visit the blog again.


  4. Young children’s first introduction to great art may be when an adult reads a picture book aloud to them. Great literature too!

  5. I’m late to this thread but will reply all the same! I think as long as the ability to download remains a part of computer technology, books in printed form will never die. I download and print things all the time. I thought about the Kindle for a hot minute but realizing that once I’m in bed and, desiring to read myself to sleep, I would have to hold the Kindle directly in front of my face, as well as it having no pages to turn, turned me off, big time! No book smell, no dog eared pages, no coffee stains, no dust jacket, and the big one, no need for bookmarks! I’m a bookmark having freak! Oh please! It cannot work! Books are the lifeblood of too many people to just die!

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