4 comments on “Foster Teens, Advocates Address Issue of Aging Out at ‘First-ever’ Youth-led Hearing

  1. good stuff…it’s taken a LONG time, but it looks like folks are beginning to understand that these situations take comprehensive, holistic solutions. there’s no magic bullet, and there’s more to “growing up” than graduations and being able to buy a drink…

  2. Nice piece. The teens’ stories are eye-opening, right? I handle communications for Children’s Law Center, so if you need additional perspective or comments for future articles/postings, let me know.

  3. “Termination” occurs at 18-years old on this side of the nation. Daniel Heimpel did a great case study/article about it in the September 11-17, 2009 issue of the LA Weekly. It is much too easy for youth in these siuations to build a portfolio of unresolved problems than anything resembling preparation for independent living. There is an unreal expectation for them to emerge adult-like (responsible and autonomous) when they are just beginning to learn what that means in an environment with very few supports for their new lives. Our research team is currently working on projects related to identifying the needs of girls who are released from incarceration. Apparently, the idea of re-entry applies to youth who have “aged-out” of the system as well.

  4. It is great to see teens trying to take their lives in their own hands rather than leaving it to a broken system. Many of the issues they are dealing with I lived with while in care over 40 years ago…it is a shame that we can go to the moon, have the Internet and make so much progress in other areas but leaves thousands upon thousands of youth behind each year with the same broken system of the 1950’s!

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