15 comments on “How To Handle Aggressive Pedestrians

  1. In Cambridge-Boston I’ve seen “the rage” manifested this way: I’ll be driving along, and a person will push a baby carriage into the crosswalk, daring me to stop. They will turn to me and give me the angry “dare-stare.” At that moment, from my view, the adult is using their defenseless child as a passive/aggressive weapon against my car. And they thrust the carriage way out ahead of them, a kind of cowardly act, almost as if they know their child will take the hit for them.

    Other than that, the sidewalk phenomena you describe is new to me. Folks are fairly polite and courteous along the sidewalks where I live. Maybe you need the stress of a big city to jack up people’s nerves.

    • Damn, Richard! I just got a chill from the thought of what the parent did. It’s cowardly, crazy, and so many other things. And the big city will definitely “jack up” everyone’s nerves. What’s weird is that most sidewalk hogs I’ve encountered are petite-size people, who somehow feel they’re asserting themselves by taking up the sidewalk.

      As always, thanks for the added insight, Richard.

  2. I love the last line to this post…”Sweep the leg.” Can’t stop laughing…but I am also going to put this advice in my back pocket to refer to as/when needed! Great read. Love the layout and design of your blog as well!

  3. I’m something of a recluse. Sidewalks crowded with aggressive pedestrians would freak me out. No big cities in summer for me. lol Good read, Alan.

    • Thanks, Natalie! Yeah, I’m not crazy about crowded sidewalks either. There’s been times I’ve had to assert my height when I encounter a sidewalk hog.

  4. You could take advantage of your physical prowess if you wanted but you don’t – brava! Such a well written piece, and I am not just saying that because you mentioned me. I love that you have sources and “evidence” mixed in with your anecdotes. I have only visited DC a few times but haven’t found that the sidewalk hogs are horrible there. New York, yes. Paris, yes. But the streets in Paris are SO old and tiny that it is every man for himself.

    Great post!

    • Thanks, Zoe. And I’m not just saying that because you were the spark behind the post.

      The thing with DC is that it’s not as bad as some areas, where it’s all the time.

      For the most part, folks are pretty decent, but it does happen. Thanks also for your encouraging words.

  5. What an excellent post! I’m from New York and I constantly experience the sidewalk hog. The lack of sidewalk etiquette always pushes me to the point of rage. I am challenged to a game of chicken at least 3 times a day, 5 days a week and I never lose. Sometimes I wish they could designate one side of the street to all the inconsiderate walkers of the city and I could watch them trample over each other. <- and there's the rage I cannot hide lol. Anyway I love this post, have a great day!

  6. Canadians are known world wide for their good manner. They apologize when they “almost” bump into you. Not true anymore! They now say “Sorry” then deliberately bulldoze you on a sidewalk or cut between you and the counter or person you are attending to. Sorry in Canada now means beware there’s a jerk about to body check you.
    And elbows!!! men- keep your elbows down in public or tell the women you have every intention of punching them in the breast. It hurts! It’s rude. Would you throw an elbow at your wife or mother?

    • Sorry to hear Canada’s been infected by our bad ways. Hopefully, something in the article helps when you encounter a rude pedestrian. Thanks for stopping through the blog and for taking time to comment.

  7. How to avoid a rude pedestrian: Never be a 50+ woman, especially with white hair. You become invisible. Perhaps there are a lot of people out there with ‘mommy didn’t love me enough’ syndrome. Unfortunately I can’t assert my height- that’s where guys don’t understand the problem of sidewalk rage against women.
    Also, stop moving off the sidewalk for the yellow rope, nursery school chain of kids as you profess how cute this little gaggle of kiddies are. Teach them to SHARE the sidewalk instead. That’s exactly how and where they learnt that they have sole right of way on the sidewalk.

  8. What an interesting discussion! My technique is not to look at anyone coming my way – then they realise they HAVE to flow around me and they do. But an intimidating bag would be fun.

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