3 comments on “Carolyn Malachi’s Capacity for Love and Happiness

  1. ‘My light has stayed on since I met my fiancée two years ago. Now, I’m happier than I’ve ever been.’ Good piece over all. Keep it Blazn

  2. You can never lose love. Or at least I have never lost it. It resides within my heart and comes in various forms. Never is my heart without it for always someone loves me or I someone, even thought at times it is hard at the moment it changes it shape. ) years is the longest close non-stop love I have had. When it changed its shape there was pain and grief, but never was it lost. Nine years of love is carried with me forever. Like the love from my grandfather was with me for 32 years until he died. Is that love lost? I think I still carry the 32 years of continuous love with me until it is time for me to die. So is it 32 years of love or now 36? I still love him even if he is not here. And who knows if the love my grandmother feels for me will ever be lost. For it is so great it fills more than our hearts. It spills over and flows into and joins all LOVE; the positive energy that flows like an invisible wind over all man- and womankind. Unseen by some but available to all who dare to love without expecting any in return.

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