6 comments on “Monica Hand’s *me and Nina*

  1. Well Done. With Marian’s contralto embellished with a “few” ounces of sand. The ‘souls of black folk’ written across every emotional timbre expressed. Like her, I wish I knew what it was like to be FREE.
    “D” /om

    • Thanks Omegetymon. I’ve never heard Nina Simone’s voice described that way, but it’s an amazing description (“Marian’s contralto embellished with a ‘few’ ounces of sand”). Thanks for reading!

      • I was a Stagehand for thirty years. My ‘Godfather’ is J.C. Davis 20 years as James Brown’s Music director. I’m that nobody that takes “note”.

      • Addendum: I ‘tried’ to be like Bobby McFerrin and study voice performance… with McHenry Boatwright, ( the man I saw SING at Kennedy’s innauguration.)

  2. A thorough, in-depth review. This poet/performer is charming and deep in person, but she practically flies off the page in your review. You selected thematically, creating a slice of the poet’s life, not just her work. I was very lucky to read with this artist in Philadelphia.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Aquaverse! I really enjoyed Monica Hand’s book. I also consider myself lucky to know her. I’m glad you two connected in Philly. Please stop through the blog again!

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