4 comments on “The Ear Hustler (flash fiction)

    • Thanks, Kobie. One my students wrote a really good story about two sisters who didn’t look related. She watched a family on Wisconsin Avenue and came up with a really good story. Thanks again.

  1. Thank you, teacher. I have been in public spaces where I’ve done a double-take and realized a caressing touch was actually a power play and utter manipulation. Perhaps the young lady’s last retort popped off the offense.

    • Hey Sheela,

      That’s definitely an interesting take. I hadn’t thought of it as the young lady being repulsed by the older man. I won’t say what I had in mind because I don’t want to ruin the experience for you (or anyone else). I do like your spin: the lady using her divorce as a way of deflecting the older man’s advances. That’s the beauty of literature: every person’s interpretation is different.

      Thanks for stopping through and blessing me with a comment, Sheela :)

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