14 comments on “Clint Eastwood’s “Invisible Obama”

  1. ” Republicans continue to see things that aren’t there” made me laugh out loud. — A great analysis, Alan.

    • Thanks, James. I had to watch the Republican National Convention to see what solutions they were bringing to the table. Nothing.

    • Thanks, Lisa. What’s hilarious are people like Ann Romney who try to claim that they can relate to most Americans. I almost screamed when she mentioned that she and Mitt lived in a basement apartment, alluding that they had experienced struggles. I’m not buying it.

  2. Let’s not be too hard on Clint here, he’s brilliant in his own right, a little ragged around the edges and doddering certainly, but here’s the deal, he did a fabulous job of characterizing the Republican Party. By the way, Alan, I salute you for sitting through the convention and for an astute analysis.

  3. Thank you! The true insanity–the dollars spent for what amounted to nothing more than an embarrassing pep rally. Responsible spending? I think not.

    • Hey Lisa,

      I felt the same way, watching the RNC. I’m excited for the DNC that starts today. I’m sure they’ll do a better job of making the case for why their candidate should be president. I want to hear Michelle Obama’s speech and also that of the Mayor of San Antonio, who I keep hearing is a rising star in the Democratic party. They think he’ll have a moment much like Obama, when he spoke at the 2004 DNC. Thanks for visiting the blog, reading this article, and responding. I hope you’ll come back :)

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