4 comments on “A Message from DCCWW’s Executive Director Nancy Schwalb

  1. Hey Alan–

    Did you send this out to your e-mail list? I was wondering because I didn’t get a copy and I think I’m on that list.

    Nancy Schwalb Executive Director

    D.C. Creative Writing Workshop 601 Mississippi Avenue SE Washington, DC 20032

    phone: 202-445-4280 fax: 202-645-3426


    • Oh, I didn’t send this out on my version of the DCCWW email list. I sent it out on my gmail list. I need to post this up at sojournalists.ning.com and liberatedmuse.com.

  2. I’m going to donate something as soon as I can.
    I admit. I did tear up towards the end there…
    Thank you Ms. Nancy for all you’ve done, all you continue to do and all you will do in the future. [which will be met with even more gratefulness :) ]

    • On behalf of the D.C. Creative Writing Workshop, I thank you, conscioussouls. Any contribution helps. Please spread the word to your friends! Thanks again :)

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