20 comments on “Rejoicing in the Church of Poetry

  1. Alan, congrats on your accomplishments at Stonecoast and beyond. And thank you for testifying, giving a reflection of your faith in the Church of Poetry. Amen.

  2. Congratulations!!! I still have a year to go on my MA and am facing a similar glut of negative feedback from family on my chosen specialization. “What do writer’s do?” or, more specifically, “How do writers eat?” (Evidently, and MBA and an office/prison would be more appropriate for me.) Well, we can’t live on words, that’s true. But the words themselves make life worth living. Rant on, Alan. Sooner or later the choir will life them and the Church will be welcomed by everyone. :-)

  3. Yes! Thank you for such an important essay, Alan. I just had one of the best days of my life the other day when my scientist husband introduced me to colleagues, not as a teacher as usual, but as a POET. I know now he finally gets it. And with the help you’re giving them, so can the rest of the world. – Tamra

    • I’m glad your husband gets it. I know that feeling. You’d think in a family of computer folks (from software coders to hardware constructors) they’d belittle what I do, but it’s the opposite. My cousins are always asking me about writing, and they light up when I list my favorite poets, quote them, and break down the poets’ works. They obviously get it. Happy for you :-)

  4. Amen, Alan. Thanks for taking the time to pen a much needed, and entirely spot on, post on the relevance and importance of poetry. So grateful that our paths crossed at Stonecoast.

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