43 comments on “Meet Robert Hookey, aka “The Hook”, aka the Chronicling Bellman

  1. Reblogged this on You've Been Hooked! and commented:
    Alan W. King has taken pity on yours truly and honored me with a post on his wonderful blog. Alan’s work is a cut above and deserves to be held up as an example of how a blog can truly touch and affect the lives of its readers.
    Good work, Alan.

  2. This is my first visit here thanks to the link provided by The Hook. “You’ve Been Hooked” is in my Top 5 favorite blogs.

    I am following you on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.

    Also, I’ll be a regular reader here!

  3. Alan,
    I have to hand it to you, my friend, you’ve made me appear interesting – which is no mean feat!
    But seriously, your words have honored me and touched my frozen Canadian heart.
    You are truly the best.
    Thank you.
    The Hook.

    • If you would just eat your back bacon, the salt therein would help thaw that frozen Canadian heart of yours. If you don’t like it solo, use it to make a club sandwich (without cheese because that’s an abomination) and sit down to lunch while watching an episode of “Adventures in Rainbow Country” or an A&E Bruno Gerussi biography.

      Don’t forget to tip Mr. King with a bottle of Grade A maple syrup for the fine post about a fine blogger.

    • I’m glad you’re a fan and if The Hook buys the syrup, I’ll spring for the postage.

      (In case you were unaware, The Hook and I are no strangers and, being a Canadian myself, have to resort to bacon’s salt and Canadian beer’s high alcohol content to serve as cardiovascular antifreeze.)

  4. The Hook is second to none. Lol, ironically, the book of terrible hooked me. You’ve been hooked was the bonus.

    • This post has been enlightening for me, as well — in terms of what The Hook’s job entails, his skills at managing those requirements, and just how popular he is online. I’d say The Hook is pretty lucky have devoted readers and fans that, in some way, regard him as family. Thanks, Jennifer, for the encouraging words and for taking the time to comment :)

  5. > Another payoff was when WordPress “Freshly Pressed” two of his posts
    – TWO of his posts? What? Where? When?

    >one from The Book of Terrible and the other (two years later) from You’ve Been Hooke
    – Ah, two years earlier. I got on The Hook’s bandwagon a year and a half ago.

    What post was that, Hook? If it’s not too much of a hassle, couldja please post the link here?

    >His “Freshly Pressed” post on The Book of Terrible recorded 4,110 hits that day, while his You’ve Been Hooked post drew in 1,283 hits.
    – Thanks for these stats.

    I had suspected the number of visitors to FPed posts would have dropped ever since they moved off the Login page to a separate tab upon log in. I have rarely gone there since.

    I had begun reading Freshly Pressed posts when I was in the ‘researching’ phase of my own blog. I did not have a WordPress account at the time.

    Hmm. So there are a whole lot of non-WordPress readers who miss out on Freshly Pressed posts as well. I wonder what prompted, um, Management to make that switch. Bestow Freshly Pressed posts the cachet of exclusivity perhaps?

    >The excitement last for a few days. “Then,” according to Hookey, “things get back to normal.”
    – Oh. Just like real life celebrities. I had wondered about this, too.

    >“I occasionally get a whole range of swag,” Hookey says, “from snow tires” – he’s dead serious! – “to Red Bull hoodies.”
    – Good on you for not looking your gift horses in the teeth, Hook. SOMEone you know could use those, you know? You could be the 365 day Santa to people you know!

    >As an occasional social media user, she sparingly reads You’ve Been Hooked.
    >And The Hook’s OK with that.
    – And that is one of the secrets of their everlasting marriage. Accepting and respecting each other’s diverse interests.

    >These connected tales encourage everyone to celebrate their differences, while embracing their common interests.
    – She’s a chip off the old block(s), that Sarah. Despite his sometimes seemingly grumpy words, this is ALSO what The Hook is about – unity and equality.

    I like how you’ve woven this story about The Hook with fitting extracts from some of his posts, Alan.
    I’ve also learnt about some of the WordPress workings in the bargain! Double score!


    • Kate, thanks for this comment. It’s always good to know what parts of an article or post connected with the reader or which parts said person focused on. I’ve said this before, but I had a great time writing this piece on The Hook. Thanks, again.

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