17 comments on “Four Year Blogiversary!

  1. Wow, four years… congratulations! I’ve only been “providing an alternative to quality blogging since 2011″ and I figured I would have been stuffed into a rocket and exiled from the blogosphere long ago.

    Zoe Valentine is right on the money — avoid burnout even if it means having to get your bearings anew and building up a following all over because except for those professional bloggers who somehow make money doing it, the vast majority of us are in it for the fun and love of it. Forcing oneself to churn out posts is not conducive to either.

    To the next four years!

    • Thanks, HoaiPhai! It’s all about finding the rhythm. I don’t believe there’s a “best practice” for blogging. What works for one blogger won’t work for another. Thanks, again.

  2. Happy Blogiversary Alan! I’m a brand new blogger and loving it. Not knowing either where this would take me, it’s been a nice ride so far. I am in the infancy stage of working out direction and timing, but it’s all good! I’ve enjoyed following your blog and your writing, stories, and insight are amazing. Congrats again on your continued success!

  3. Congrats! And it’s nice to hear it’s O.K. to blog when you can. I’ve had a nearly three month hiatus this summer when I was nearly incommunicado in the Michigan wilderness and busy with family. I’m clearing out e-mail now and will soon get back to blogging! Keep at it whenever you can.

    • Thanks, Joanne! Yeah, I needed that confirmation, myself. I’m glad that I didn’t have to be a post-everyday blogger. I’d definitely burn out.

  4. Alan, I’m sorry for being a bad blogger friend and missing your anniversary. I’m looking for a belated blog anniversary card but no luck so far. That said, though after the fact, congratulations on the milestone, my friend — and you have definitely started the kind of fire that draws people in for the warmth and conversation. Though I’ve only recently joined the gathering, I’m glad to be in the ever-widening circle of friends and admirers. Truly: kudos and congrats!

    • Ned, it’s all good. Thanks for the well wishes. I’ll do my research and get back to you on belated blog anniversary cards (my guy knows a guy, who knows a guy who might have them stored in a warehouse at an undisclosed location). :) Take care.

    • Thanks! I’m glad that something I said is encouraging. I had to learn that on my own (and later from great blogging friends). I write my blog posts with wonderful people like you in mind. So, for you to notice, is a great honor. Thanks, again!

  5. I just met you today, Alan King. But why do I feel like I have known you for years. This is one of the most meaningful post that I have read. I appreciate your story. I appreciate your knowledge and I appreciate your inspiration. Thank you. I needed to read this today, right now, at this very moment.

  6. Happy Blogoversary, Alan.
    You’re one of the Good Ones; someone who uses his blog to say something about the world around him. Don’t ever change, my friend.
    Well done.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Robert. If someone told me four years ago that I’d still be here, posting, I… Well, you know the rest. It’s been a great ride and an honor to shed light on things under the radar. Here’s to four more years! Thanks :)

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