6 comments on “A Lifeline for Guys Passing as Sports Fans

  1. This is terrific!! I’m so glad to hear you say all that (or, rather, to read it). But then, you’re interested in other stuff – the mental stuff, the intellectual stuff – as are all writers.
    Watching people get the stuff beat out of them has never appealed to me either. Basketball was a fun sport to watch in high-school and college, I’ll confess. It was fast and interesting, and required skill. And nobody got beat up. Also, gymnastics – at the Olympic level – are fascinating in terms of the possibilities for control of the human body. My mother loved baseball, and I found it utterly boring. But then, she also liked to fish. For me, there are SO many other, more interesting or more productive ways to use my time.
    I guess I’m the female version of a sports-disinterested male: a totally fashion-disinterested female. I’ve NEVER cared about what people were wearing nor how they wore their hair, or what kind of furniture or drapes they had in their house. I try to dress so as not to offend anyone, and that’s my nod to fashion. And I hate to shop.
    I believe that some of the interest in team sports (or fashion savvy) comes from wanting to be part of some tribe that you can identify with. In our disconnected culture, we may miss out on the sense of community so essential to our social nature as humans. So we make up something that we pretend is important and that we can share with others who then become a part of our tribe. I believe churches can also fill that social need.
    Again, thanks for writing this! I may refer to it in one of my blogs if you don’t mind.

    • joanne,

      Thanks! And sure, it’s OK if you refer to this. I want to respond to something you said: “you’re interested in other stuff – the mental stuff, the intellectual stuff – as are all writers.”

      While I agree with you about my other interest, many of my writer friends are sports heads. At any moment, they’re posting scores and game highlights, or debating one another’s team loyalty. I can use the fact that I’m a writer as an excuse for not liking sports. The poets would pummel me for misrepresentation :)

      Thanks again.

    • It must be a religion when overweight guys, in teams jerseys long enough to be choir robes, debate teams stats and loyalty. I’m watched this several times in a 7 Eleven. Guys holding their Big Gulps, guys who look as though it’s been awhile since they’ve seen a field, yelling: “We play y’all tomorrow.” “Remember how we took it to y’all last night?” “Y’all don’t want it with our defense.”

      To each his own, as long as everyone finds something in which they’re invested and get a sense of belonging.

  2. Wow– and all this time I thought it was just me. I’ll whine at the drop of a sports score about my hands-off father and not having any brothers or close male friends when i was a kid… Most dudes will happily monologue about their team/game/player without me ever having to say anything back nor understanding who/what they were just talking about. I’m stereotyped/profiled as ‘hating sports’ when actually I just don’t understand. Last week, on the elevator with this cute woman working in another firm, I kinda wilted when she started talking about The Game from that past weekend–how they lost and how awful it was and how dare me say it was a good morning– I didn’t know what ‘game’ she was talking about. A once hopeful friend I can no longer engage with… I like boxing, MMA. I’ll watch some olympics. But if sports is a religion, (agreed) i guess i’m a heretic. Its kinda nice having the streets to myself super bowl sunday, though. I feel like the dude at the beginning of 28 Days Later.

    • Lol. Well, I’m glad this post assured you that you’re not alone. If I watch the Super Bowl, it’s for the commercials. I do take advantage of game day to get my grocery shopping done.

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