12 comments on “The Human Thing To Do (for National Blog Action Day)

  1. “If the numbers we see in domestic violence were applied to terrorism or gang violence, the entire country would be up in arms, and it would be the lead story on the news every night.” ~ Rep. Mark Green, Wisconsin

    Download “I Trusted Him: The Story of Anna Lynn Hurd” available now at Foboko.com: http://ow.ly/pnBaG, and start a conversation about it below in the comments below, or leave your thoughts about the book for the author on the books page. Thank you,Alan, for your support and spreading Anna’s message.

  2. Greetings my Brotha!

    If you will permit me…I shall take a different approach to this matter.

    In 2012 I left a Government position with the Department of Homeland Security, in 2011 – 2012 we were facing the same threat of a Government shutdown, unless Congress approved Raising the Debt Ceiling. My position was so crucial to Homeland Security that if the Government shutdown, we were still required to report to work whether we would be paid or not, otherwise we would be considered to be AWOL.

    The unfortunate ugly truth is: our Nation is in serious DEBT! I understood at that time that Raising the Debt Ceiling was only prolonging the inevitable!

    The erroneous idea that raising the level of the amount of debt at which a country will operate from as the solution to its debt problem is absolute stupidity and economic suicide! To get your house in order while we are in peaceable times is best as opposed to waiting until there is an economic meltdown at a time when Defense and everybody else needs Revenue!

    In order to solve a debt problem, one has to first stop spending above what is the absolute necessity of everyday survival; then there has to be cuts made even in what they think is necessary; finally there has to be set in order a plan of eliminating the debt by repayment. Followed by common sense and self discipline to not over spend again!

    The other unfortunate ugly truth is with this shutdown, the general public has become aware of just how many American and Foreign citizens are depending upon our Government for everyday existence. This should not be the case…we are not that rich!

    I fear we are slowly but surely becoming a Nation of Communism, losing our Capitalistic status. Government assistance is needful in some areas certainly, but to the tune of a shutdown affecting this much of society is very disturbing.

    At best, this shutdown will save the Nation monetarily, but only if it picks up from the point of restoration as opposed to paying what was lost to citizens during the shutdown.

    Let’s face it people, America is in TROUBLE! And it is not just the debt problem of the Government, it is also the debt problem of families and individuals living above their means off credit and credit cards…if you keep raising your debt ceiling you are going to be jumping out of windows pretty soon for sure!

  3. Hi Alan, A very thought provoking post indeed. While agreeing to all that you’ve said, I would like to opine that the issue of Human rights should also be viewed in the light of contemporary human values. Over the years we’ve seen these values evolve. Especially in the last decade of IT and telecom revolution, so much has changed in the way we looked at so many things. Money was always important for the top 1% of the world including those who created the monster of slave trade. It is important for them today. But of late, I feel that the middle income group too has by and large stopped looking beyond money. Over the last three generations, there seems to be a gradual decline in the quality of value system handed down by each generation to the next generation. No doubt it’s extremely important to fight the menace of human abuse by supporting the victims. But stronger value system on the part of the media, the politicians, the corporate as well people like me can help in prevention of such abuse. I once again appreciate your effort.

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