4 comments on “A Christmas Post

  1. I am digging how you find great joy in the simple things of this holiday: your family, being with your wife, a simple meal of waffles. In a way writing allowed you to be able to slow down and think about things that are important because much of the time we don’t. We are lost in the rhythm of the day. Congrats on the work. A writer, as any writer knows, has to figure out how the lights will come on in the morning. Once that happens, the rest is the writing. Be well, Mr. Writer.

    • Thanks, man. Tosin and I were just talking last night about the simple joys. We don’t need much. Thanks for the warm and encouraging words. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mr. Writer :) I hope the new year will be as fruitful as this year has been. Thanks again. Peace.

  2. Alan, I too am experiencing a simple joy by “hearing” the joy in your words. I’m truly happy for you, my friend. You clearly understand how appreciating the “little things” in life is the key to true happiness. Too many people wait for the “big things,” which are few and far between, to define their joy. Finding joy every day is a wonderful gift to have — and you not only have that gift but share it with others.

    Cheers to that and to you, Alan ;)

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