Click HERE to help them pay their high school grad’s college fees. 

(PHOTO: DCCWW) Drama club members on the set of "R Town".

(PHOTO: DCCWW) Drama club members on the set of “R Town”.

Remember going to college? Remember how it changed your life? Remember how wonderful it was to be fed in a dining hall every night?

Remember how monumentally IMPOSSIBLE the applications seemed, even though you had parents and a counselor and teachers and friends all helping you out? (Maybe you don’t, maybe you blocked it out. Still.) Now imagine if you had NONE of those people helping you. Would you still have made it to that wonderful place? Can you say for sure where you would be?

The young adults we work with are doing the college application thing, and they’re doing it with no safety net. They’re walking the high wire. Their bravery is breathtaking.

Often, even the most dedicated students give up on the application process because they cannot pay the small things–application fees and SAT fees and housing fees and transcript fees. We are trying raise $2700 by November 30th, to help them on their way.

Join us to make sure none of our high school grads is ever excluded from higher education because they can’t pay the fees.

$10, $2, the weird change in your couch cushions. Anything will help. It will guarantee you’ve done one unequivocally good thing this year. You’ll feel the goodness deep in your gut.

Big love to you all.

Click HERE to donate. Please help them pay their college grad’s college fees.