Averlyn Archer: The Prophetic Bullhorn

An old religious maxim says prophecy and imagination go hand-in-hand. So while society’s collective conscience can be limited, prophets operate on an elevated understanding of the world around them. These individuals were community historians and storytellers of their generation. Ask Averlyn Archer, founder and director of the Canvas Paper and Stone Gallery in Harlem, who the modern […]

Forum Discusses Hip Hop’s Rites of Passage

n.   pl. rites of passage A ritual or ceremony signifying an event in a person’s life indicative of a transition from one stage to another. Much like its predecessors, hip hop has its own rites of passage that varies little among local scenes throughout the country. Gabe Benn (emcee “Asheru”) was 21 when he went through […]

Theatre In The City

Ira Aldridge was a teenager discovering his love of theatre before becoming the first of his kind to be known internationally. William Henry Brown established a theatre before writing what many considered to be the first play of its kind. James Hewlett was a tailor by trade before becoming the first of his kind to […]

Adults Race To Embrace Technologies

Hey, parents. Remember scolding your kids for sitting in front of the TV all day, or for texting at the dinner table? Or maybe you considered it a waste of time for them to be on the computer – playing with other online gamers from around the world, or surfing the net to watch their favorite music […]