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Thanks for choosing Alan W. King’s Blog as a way to market your website and services. Here, I blog about art and social issues. If this sounds like your targeted audience, then this blog will be the ultimate choice for you.

Blog Stats

Here are some of the stats you may be interested in about Alan W. King’s Blog and the Stats are increasing day by day:

  • Listed on 100 Top Blog
  • Hit Count: 1,000/month
  • Blog profiled on Bloggy Awards (click link to read profile)
  • 111 quality Posts
  • 2,746 followers (includes 2,134 from Facebook, 448 from Twitter, and 164 email subscribers)
  •  500+ quality comments
  • Read 2012 in review, 2011 in review, and 2010 in review to see how my blog ranked on WordPress’s “Blog-Health-o-Meter”

Links within Posts

You can get a link/photo link on a page of your choice for $60 (three months); for $110, you  get a link on a page of your choice for six months.

All payments will either be mailed to the address provided via email correspondence or payments will be sent to via PayPal. If you have any question or want to start advertising, contact me at


  • Once you get an ad spot on my blog for three/six months, it will remain live for three/six months. Suppose you buy an ad space on the 1st of September, it will remain live by the end of December (three months) or March (six months).
  • Don’t accept links or banners related to gambling, pornography, violence, hatred etc
  • All ads or links will be shown on website once the payment is completed
  • Accept all payments mailed or sent to my paypal account
  • No trial period available for free

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