The HoCoPoLitSo Experience

My friend, Truth Thomas, recorded this interview on his smartphone. I put together a mini doc of my final experience as HoCoPoLitSo – The Howard County Poetry & Literature Society’s 2018/19 Writer-in-Residence at Howard Community College.

Closing Out My Run as Writer-in-Residence

Last Thursday, I did my final reading as the Howard County Poetry and Literary Society (HoCoPoLitSo)’s 2018/19 Writer-in-Residence. During my tenure, I had a great time visiting Howard County schools and sharing my love of poetry with the students. Those visits gave me something else to look forward to on my Friday mornings. I’m honored […]

The Treasure Hunters

This is a short I shot and edited while at a birthday party a few weeks ago. My daughter was part of an elite team sent to retrieve the missing treasure.