Zine Gives Black Filmmakers A Platform

As a self-described “movie buff,” Crystyn C. Wright loves films, especially those reflecting the lives of African Americans. At one time, the Bronx-native, going by mainstream’s offerings, settled on the assumption that not enough black filmmakers were producing those films. That assumption was corrected after she traveled to various film festivals. But Wright, a journalist […]

A Community’s Bricks and Mortar: Karibu Books

This essay appears in the Literary Organizations Issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly. Whether walking through Bowie Town Center, Forestville and Iverson malls—or even Pentagon City—I still feel the void despite the retail shops that have popped up in spaces once occupied by Karibu Books. To understand this void is to know that the independent bookstore was […]

Green Tea: The Harvest

The scene is nighttime. A woman struts down D.C.’s U Street, ready for a night out on the town. Everything about her exudes feistiness.  Every bit of that spunk and spirit is in her thigh-high dress and wide shiny belt, her fishnet stockings and black leather jacket. Even her auburn-colored blowout is flared in peacock […]