Intro Video for Two-Countries Anthology Launch

Ahead of the Oct. 24th D.C. launch of Two-Countries anthology,  we have this intro video of the editor (Tina Schumann) explaining the process of taking this project from idea to publication. I’m grateful for Tina not only including me in this anthology (alongside other contributors like Li-Young Lee and Ocean Vuong to name a few), but for also […]

The Hagakure of Cornbread Othello

(view excerpts from this graphic novella-in-progress)   “During happy times, pride and extravagance are dangerous. If one is not prudent in ordinary times, he will not be able to catch up. A person who advances during good times will falter during the bad.” —Yamamoto Tsunetomo, “Hagakure”   THEY RAN DOWN 31st Street NW. It was […]