New Video for My Poem, “Conundrum” – DRIFT Book Trailer pt. 2

Here’s another trailer for my poetry collection, DRIFT (Aquarius Press/Willow Books, 2012).

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Anicia’s Wild Adventures

I wanted to try my hand at telling a children’s story in video format (at some point, I’ll start doing voice overs instead of using text in my video stories), so I made this short video for my 5-year-old niece, Anicia.

With her mother’s permission, I’m posting it here:


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A DC Creative Writing Workshop Cypher

A few years ago, I started as a writer-in-residence with the D.C. Creative Writing Workshop, and worked my way up to senior program director.

I owe this nonprofit and its Executive Director Nancy Schwalb so much. I shot these clips, not sure what I would do with them.

They sat on my phone for two years until now. So here’s my small way of saying thanks to Nancy and the young poets in the after-school Writing Club.

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D.C. Funk Parade Highlights

Earlier this month, the D.C. Department of Funk (how cool is that!) presented the Funk Parade on the city’s historic U Street corridor. Below is a video highlight I put together. Check out their official video.

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Humble Bear Promo Video

Here it is, folks!


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DRIFT book trailer

Here’s a trailer for my debut collection of poems, DRIFT (Aquarius Press/Willow Books, 2012).


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Promo for Prince George’s Community College

Here’s a Humble Bear promo for Prince George’s Community College.

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All Aboard THE OVERGROUND Express!

A few weeks ago, I did a write up on The Overground Railroad (Cherry Castle Publishing, 2015), a powerhouse of an anthology.

It’s now available!

(PHOTO: Truth Thomas) That’s me (left) with the homie and poet, Derrick Weston Brown, holding our fresh copies.

See our smiles? You’ll have one, too, after ordering your copy.

Read the write-up, then order YOUR copy today at Cherry Castle Publishing — where words grow mighty trees.

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Meet Ned Hickson…Again! (Video)

Well, it’s here. Ned and I had fun with this. Thanks for your hard work, Ned. (You’ll see what I mean in the credits.)


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Get Ready to Meet Ned Hickson…Again!

Syndicated humor columnist and author, Ned Hickson was so gracious to indulge me in this experiment – a video version of the profile I did on him a while back.

He was part three in my Freshly Pressed series, which included Robert Hookey and Zoe Valentine. The series focused on successful bloggers and their writing routines.

Here’s an ad for the upcoming video blog post.


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