13 comments on “How Zoe Valentine Works

  1. Zoe is one of the most delightful people I know!She he must have awesome parents! Writing every day takes discipline and dedication. you go,

    • I know, right? I’m not disciplined enough to write everyday. But it’s those writers who tend to be prolific. Good luck to her dad with his book. And thank, Francesa, for stopping through :)

  2. We LOVE Zoe! Been a subscriber of hers for a long time! I have always enjoyed all of her blog posts and can’t wait for the next one to arrive in my inbox! Thanks Zoe, and thanks Alan for featuring her!

  3. Great Article Alan!
    I do like her blog, and just recently started following her…..I’m a FAN! *Author, Catherine Lyon*
    PS…..with the encouragement I get from your Blog…..I just ENTERED my very 1st “Writers Contest” !!! Hope you’ll stop by and read my *Entry Essay* contest by: Bryan Hutchinson of Positive Writers…….WWWEEEEEEEE :-)

  4. Great post Alan! Love your blog and writing style… Thanks for introducing me to a wonderful blog that I might have otherwise overlooked.

    I’m working on writing everyday. I found a great little site that reminds me to write just 750 words a day. I find that once I get started, things just seem to flow.

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