32 comments on “Meet Edward “Ned” Hickson

  1. Thanks so much for having me, Alan. Really well done. You’re a talented writer, gracious host and obviously have great taste in humor columnists. Truly — thank you ;)

  2. Hi Alan,
    *Gushing fan here*
    Thank you for a wonderfully written article about one of my favorite people I haven’t met yet. You captured Ned’s spirit beautifully and hit on all of the points of why he has such a large and loyal following. Ned has been my voluntold mentor since I found his site and am grateful for all that he’s done to keep me going. Thank you again for sharing!

  3. Nice job, Mr. King. I’ve only recently found Ned’s blog and it makes my day. It’s good to hear more about his “real” life – as he is quite shy about that normally. Love the picture of Ned passed out on his keyboard. He overdosed on Canadian Maple Syrup and we Canadians are proud of that. It wouldn’t surprise me if they used that in their next ad campaign.

  4. ““I discovered there was a strong lobby of fruitcake supporters who weren’t amused,” Hickson recalled.”
    Like…duh!! Since fruitcakes are perfect gift for re-gifting, which is all they are really used for, what happens to the poor sap who is stuck with sixteen of them when some humorist makes light of fruitcake gift-giving?

  5. I’m also a current Ned fan, so this was a fun read for me too. Great interview you did here; especially nice to have got to see some new views of the great funny man. I think another large part of Ned’s appeal is that his reader’s come to see him for the genuinely decent human being that he is. I think that’s what inspires effortless desire to cheer him onto success.
    Thanks very much, and nice to meet you.

    • Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I’m also glad to know Ned. I was telling someone else that this series I’m doing gives me a chance to be nosy and get to know the writers better.

      I really had a great time writing this. I was honored that Ned agreed to do this and trusted me with his story.

      It’s nice to meet you as well :)

  6. I bow my head to both of you! Very well written, Alan. I am sort of a newbie fan of Ned’s and thanks to you, a soon to be devoted fan. Holy accomplishments, Ned! You are quite the well rounded (not physically, of course) individual. I look forward to reading more. :)

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