Get Ready to Meet Ned Hickson…Again!

Syndicated humor columnist and author, Ned Hickson was so gracious to indulge me in this experiment – a video version of the profile I did on him a while back.

He was part three in my Freshly Pressed series, which included Robert Hookey and Zoe Valentine. The series focused on successful bloggers and their writing routines.

Here’s an ad for the upcoming video blog post.

13 thoughts on “Get Ready to Meet Ned Hickson…Again!

  1. Reblogged this on Ned's Blog and commented:
    Just got a sneak peak at Alan W. King’s handiwork with this short teaser about an upcoming video experiment featuring yours truly. I’m still laughing — and I really hope Chuck Norris is, too…

  2. Fan girl of Ned’s blog. Good stuff. He helped me to switch from Southern Comfort to tequila.

    Adding something else funny and a regular feature is not helping me to stop being distracted and get my own writing done. Thanks a whole hell of a lot.

    1. Hey Rose Red! I agree, Ned doesn’t make it easy to get any work done. 🙂 It seemed like a fun idea and Ned was willing to go with it. In fact, he did most of the work – video recording himself, then I take his clips and try to edit them into something entertaining and enlightening. We’ll see how this video blog post works out. Stay tuned 🙂

  3. Hi Alan,
    I saw the sneak peek over at Ned’s today and I love your editing touch. I can’t wait to see the full meal deal. I’ll be back to see the final project.

    PS: I admit to being disappointed that Mr. Hook wasn’t videoed….I’ve been trying to get a glimpse of that man since I found him last year.

    1. Hey MamaMickTerry,

      This is an experiment that Ned indulged me in. We’ll see how it turns out. If it goes well, I’ll see if The Hook is willing to be videoed.

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