Doula Sleep Training

When my wife, Tosin, got Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, we thought we struck gold.

No more nights of Jaz pushing me away. Or Jaz crying out her little lungs when we swaddled her. No. This video was going to show us how to soothe and comfort our baby to sleep so that we could get some rest of our own.

Well, things didn’t turn out that way.

To Dr. Karp’s defense, he did warn in his video that not all the “Five S’s” won’t work on all babies. Some might respond better to swaddle and side, while others might prefer swing and suck.

The shush worked with Jaz until she got bored. Now, she cries through that S.

Because of Dr. Karp’s DVD, I now use the YouTube video, “Hair Dryer 15 hours,” for white noise.

Jaz likes that one a lot. When she’s sleepy, she’s counting on my wife and I to soothe her to those baby dreams. The ones that have her cooing and smiling her bright gummy smile.

When she starts squirming in my arms and crying, I put on that hair dryer sound. She turns her head towards it; and, in two minutes, she’s out.

But she doesn’t stay asleep long – often waking every two or three hours.

So, last night, Tos and I went to an infant sleep training. Jaz was the only baby there. So the instructor, with our permission, used Jaz in her demonstration.

6 thoughts on “Doula Sleep Training

      1. I’m a step Dad and the kids were 3 and 5 years when we became a family so I thankfully missed this part – although there are so many firsts when they are young that are so amazing.

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