Music Credits for the DRIFT Audiobook

Earlier this week, I announced the release of my audiobook, DRIFT, which is now available on Audible!


The audiobook ended up being more musical than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. So here are the credits for the music accompaniment:

  • Intro – “5 Piece” by Black Ant
  • 3 a.m. – “Night Music” by Kevin McLeod
  • Revelation – “Song of Time on Ocarina” by David Erick Ramos
  • Misty Friday Morning – “Just Blue Sky” by Lee_Rosevere
  • Voyeur – “Government Funded Weed” by Black Ant
  • Take Over the World: Pinky Speaks on Brain – “Holst Uranus” by Illinois Brass Band
  • Brain on His Friendhip with Pinky – ”Douglas Mephistopheles” by Illinois Brass Band
  • What It Is – “Wasn’t What I Expected” by Lee Rosevere 
  • The Invitation – “What Have I Done” by Lee Rosevere
  • Flurry – “April” by Kai Engel
  • Translation – “Tree Tenants” by Revolution Void
  • The Meek – “Long Day” by Trap House Beats
  • Cosmic Girl – “They Dwell on Other Planets” by Breuss Arrizabalaga
  • Oddity – “Salue” by Kai Engel
  • Prime Directive – “De Falla Ritual Fire Dance” by Illinois Brass Band
  • Invocation – “Dont Trip” by Amber Spill on
  • Green – “Kwartet Japonski I” by Maciej Żołnowski
  • Trespasser – “Quintet” by Breuss Arrizabalaga
  • Rise – “Sweet Lord” by James Pants
  • Proposition – “Dust Follows” by Condor on
  • What’s Going On – “Sunrise” by Rich on
  • How to Call It – “Better Late Than Never” by Magnus Ringblom on
  • Charmed in December – “Pure Water” by Meydän
  • Stolen – “Acid Jazz” by Kevin MacLeod
  • Starlight Lounge – “Self Driving” by Sro
  • Cruisin – “Black Riders Anthem” by Little Glass Men
  • Outro – “Backed Vibes” by Kevin MacLeod
  • Parts 1 – 8 (or interludes) – “Proton Beat” by Gangi

Check out the audiobook retail sample.

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