So, this happened this morning

There’s an “Afro-B” song that Tosin loves, called “Drogba (Joanna).” (Photo above.) Tos asked Alexa to play it and was dancing and singing along while she warmed up her breakfast. Tos went extra at the break down. I mean she’s dancing like she’s actually in the video for this song, especially at this part:

Mandem sugar
Give me your goody bag
I want your goody bag, baby
Give me your goody bag
I want your goody bag, baby

Tos was singing loud and twirling with her breakfast until Jaz came from playing in the living room and asked: “Why does he want her goody bag, mommy?”

Stuck, Tos looked at me to help explain it. But since I wasn’t the one singing and drawing attention to that part of the song, I told Tos, “You’re on your own with that one, homie.”

So Tos explained it this way: “Uh, he went to a party. You like parties, right?”

Jaz: “Yes.”

Tos: “You get goody bags after the party, right?”

Jaz: “Sure.”

Right then, it clicked for Jaz. “Oh,” she said with an air of authority, “he just wants her candy.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” Tos tells the child prodigy who walks back to the living room to finish watching her gingerbread man cartoon.

“You’re so smart, baby,” Tos said before we both fell out.

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