To Ad or Not

If you ask author, mom and activist Kat Biggie about Facebook ads, she’ll say it’s a toss up between its possibilities and limitations.

Kat’s comments came during Wednesday’s Twitter discussion, #Bookmarketingchat.

With social media being an obvious go-to for authors, the question that remained was what’s the best way to make noise about a new release and get heard over others promoting their books.

One way of addressing that answer was looking at the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to creating ads. According to Kat Biggie, those mistakes include:

Rachel Thompson, #BookMarketingChat moderator, and fellow author Lee Warren attested to the mistake of being wordy.

What are the other mistakes?

When author Tui Snider asked how authors can hone their target market with Facebook ads, Kat had these gems to offer.

Kat suggested a number of things to Alyson Raynes, who asked how much to spend on ads.

Alyson appreciated the advice.

On the question of difference between Facebook ads and Google Adwords, Rachel shared her experience with the latter.

What about Twitter ads?

My takeaway from the chat was the importance of patience and persistence.

I appreciated the plethora of information. Rachel offered some ways to stay connected with bookmarketing experts.


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